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The reasons of a French success
There is no high-quality alternative to spare parts for cars. They are safety elements that must be manufactured with precision and strictly checked. This is the commitment undertaken by SASIC, an SME with 115 employees that after 90 years has implemented its industrial expertise in the heart of Normandy and Brittany. SASIC has sales in 80 countries on all 5 continents, with 80% of its revenue coming from exports. Its development is structured around 6 complex car equipment ranges with over 12,000 references for over 60,000 vehicle applications. Nowadays, France is a priority more than ever, and the distribution of the parts in the catalogue has been reorganised to meet the most demanding requirements of distributors and mechanics. In a very competitive market, SASIS regularly evolves in France and abroad. One of the reasons is the dynamic ranges it has, as spare parts are a significant portion of the needs of mechanics served by associated distribution networks.